Fieldstone Ct

Fieldstone pic

I purchased this house in 2011 as our primary residence for $242,000.  After an FHA loan with 3.5% down,  we had a remaining principal of $233,530.  It is located just a couple of miles south of the south gate of Marine Corps Base Quantico and is extremely convenient for all military members living there.  Since we moved, we have not had a single vacancy and every tenant has been a member of the armed forces.

Financial Breakdown

PITI: 1508

PMI: 212**

Property Management: 125

Vacancy: 5% (105)

Maintenance: 10% (210)

Rent Collected: 2200

Cash Flow: 40

** PMI expires this October, so the 212 monthly insurance payment goes away and the cash flow increases to 252 per month**


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